Transformative Voices

For The Church, The Community, and The Academy


One of the goals of the Department is a biennial colloquium or gathering of scholars, activist and practitioners to address a number of relevant topics, enhance writing and publication, collaborative research and scholarship, and collective archive building.  To achieve these goals, The Department has established what we will refer to as “The Guild” and “The Consortium.”

The Guild

The Adams-Coleman Williams Distinguished AME Scholars Guild (The Guild) was formally organized in 2014. Members of the Guild are members of the AME Church who are in process or have attained a terminal academic degree such as but not limited to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Doctor of Theology (Th.D.), Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D), or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and Juris Doctorate (J.D).

The primary goal of the The Guild is to build an AME think tank, a denominational resource bank, and an internationally recognized corpus of AME scholars who are also active in the local and connectional church. Members of the The Guild are able to provide assistance in writing position papers, presenting at seminars, workshops and conferences, and publish papers and books for the church membership in the self-help legacy of Bishop Richard Allen.

The Consortium

Bishop Frederick Hilborn Talbot has been instrumental in collecting names and degree projects of those who have attained a Doctor of Ministry degree.  At the present time we estimate there is around 500 A.M.E. minsters holding this degree.

The Frederick Hilborn Talbot Doctor of Ministry Practical Theology Consortium (The Consortium) was initiated to facilitate the development of a series of workshops, published guidebooks, workbooks, and programs for local churches through members of The Consortium. This group will help conduct series of Reviews on practical theology.

As of June 2016, approximately 80 persons have submitted Curriculum Vitae for The Guild and were included in a four volume A.M.E. Scholars Series in the A.M.E. Review.  In addition, members of The Consortium who were published in editions of 2015 A.M.E. Reviews.  We are still soliciting vitae and publication submissions for both The Guild and The Consortium.


Members of the A.M.E. Church meeting the above criteria for The Guild or The Consortium are asked to submit their Curriculum Vitae or Resume, along with a digital, high definition color photo (PNG or JPEG) and a biography.

Electronically submit to with a Subject Line: The Guild Submission or The Consortium Submission

Upcoming Scholarship Events

  • Early 2017, the Department will begin a series of web conferences.
  • Mid 2017, the Department will host the History in the Making Research and Scholarship Caucus.
  • Presentations by members of The Guild and The Consortium.