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History & Archives
Building and Maintaining The Church's History and Archives

Local Church Archives

To assist each local church in completing its history and developing its archives, the project will be accomplished in three parts.

Part I: Designated contact person emails two pictures of your local church (one of the original structure, one of the current building (s) and the most recent church history. This information will be included in an issue of the AME Review.

Part II: A designated historian, group, or individual begins to compile local archival materials.

  • Photographs of churches, pastors, leadership, local church groups

  • Bulletins, scrapbooks, annual reports, conference minutes, special programs, newsletters, church photograph directories, yearbooks, Artifacts, figurines, trophies, gavels, instruments, signs, memorabilia identified with special persons, newspaper, journal, magazine clippings or online (FB, emails etc.)

  • Videos, DVDs, film, slides, CDs, thumb drives, IDs, other AV media of services, preachers, special programs, reunions, other church or institutions and activities.

  • Oral histories-written transcripts of interviews, AV recordings- particularly of founding or long term members

  • Worship, music and arts-liturgies, sermons, programs, librettos, hymnals, sheet music, plays membership rolls, directories, fliers, inserts, locally developed teaching materials and other publications

  • Birth, baptism, marriage, licensing and ordination certificates

  • Memorials, obituaries, burial records, genealogies, family trees

  • Articles of Incorporation, constitution and bylaws, policy and procedures of local congregation, commissions, auxiliaries

Part III: Please contact me when you have gathered your archival materials. Remember to store in a moderate environment, dry, cool, free of dust, insects, and away from bright light.

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